Rabbi Uri Weinberg’s songs

See also Rabbi Uri Weinberg A”H (Uri Ben Menachem Halevi) [18 May 1923 – 17 Adar 5772 (11 March 2012)]

Me dancing with Rabbi Uri Weinberg at my wedding in Jerusalem (August, 2004)

A few years ago I posted on a newsgroup my request for more information regarding the Dunera story. Rabbi Uri Weinberg from Jerusalem told me about it while I studied at the Mirrer Yeshiva.

Rabbi Uri escaped from Germany at the age of 16 and went to live in Liverpool. As a German citizen he was deported to an Australian prisoners camp with the SS Dunera.
Rabbi Uri Weinberg has an extraordinary memory and remembers every detail from long ago as it was yesterday.

He is indeed a very special person for which I feel honored to have met him.

I do remember being told once that there are tapes circulating on which he is telling his personal story and also one tape on which he is singing the Shabbos songs. Those songs are how he learned it as a young boy in Germany. As his mind is very sharp, I strongly beleive that we can rely on the “Nussach” on the tape as being the correct one for “Yekkes”.

Not long ago someone from New York contacted me after having found my posted newsgroup message on the Internet. He did send me a copy of the tapes with the songs in MP3 format. I am very glad to have these files.

Now I am still waiting for the tape with his personal story.

I uploaded the tape with the songs to give everybody with an interest in the songs, the chance to listen to it, on my website (the links are beneath this article).
I hope that whomever has got more information on Rabbi Uri Weinberg, will share it with me (Please mail me or use the comment box).
I in return will share some information which I do have in my possession, but for obvious reasons I cannot share everything on a public site.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. One Shabbos after Purim (either in ’88 or ’89)when I was at R’ Uri for a shabbos seuda, he told me “it vas a great joke but you vas not yotzeh Mishloach Manos.” I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about and he thought that this was even funnier. He then called me a chevra man and insisted that it could only have been me. Apparently, someone left a bag of raw turnips and beets hanging on his front door and he figured that whoever it was was taking a dig at him by giving him a tzugipasteh Mishloach Manos. (and to whoever did it, if that was your kavana you were right on the mark, I’m sorry that it was me who got the credit for it.)

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