Meni Philip and his movie “Let There Be Light”

Do you remember the article on the BBC which I mentioned before in another post on this blog?

Now, you may become shocked when you’ll compare what I read and watched recently about the former “Charedi” singer Menachem Philip, (please forgive me for using the word “Charedi”. I never knew about that word until I moved to Israel for my studies).

Menachem, or Meni as he’s called nowadays, became a secular Jew. He divorced at 32 years old from his wife. He sees his children two hours a week. Meni has got some siblings who followed his lifestyle and became secular as well.

Meni is nowadays a movieproducer after having followed film studies.

He has got a website

The Israeli program “Chadashot Shishi” aired a small documentary (12:02 minutes) about Meni’s movie “Let there be light” which tells us Meni’s and some of his siblings’ change of lifestyle.