10 thoughts on “Transferring money to Polish banks with SWIFT/BIC/IBAN”

  1. Hello Gershon and others: thank you for the information. The Archivist provided me with the information: Narodowy Bank Polski
    PL 10 1010 1049 0031 6022 3100 0000
    swift- NBPLPLPW

    My question, what is the next move? I would like to find a less expensive way of transferring the funds (incurred fees for their having done research for me). “xoom.com” does not specifically list “Narodowy Bank Polski” as a “recipient bank”, for example. Thank you in advance for any advice you have. ~ Joseph

    1. Hello Joseph,

      I’ll have to admit that I am not acquainted with XOOM. I can only see from their website that the minimum transfer is 25USD and there is a small fee.

      I am based in Belgium from where we can use our local banks to transfer the money. There is no minimum (and if there is it must really be very low since I never had an issue with that too).
      I only need the IBAN details before I can transfer the money to any account in Poland or any other SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) country. See here for a list and more details: http://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/index.cfm/knowledge-bank/epc-documents/epc-list-of-sepa-scheme-countries/epc409-09-epc-list-of-sepa-scheme-countries-v2-0-january-201/.

      Good luck and cheers,


  2. Hello !

    I stumbled upon your website and your detailed post, and thought I could add to the conversation.

    As of now, the name of the recipient and the IBAN should be the only information you need to make a transfer to Poland with most banks and money transfer providers (most of them won’t ask you for the BIC/SWIFT code).

    However, transfering with your bank is expensive, even from Belgium. The fees are low (or in some cases there aren’t any fees), but banks take a big margin on the exchange rate. You can save a lot of money by using online providers as intermediary, as they will offer more competitive exchange rates at very low fees, resulting in a lower total cost.

    I encourage you to compare your options before your next money transfer (I co-founded a comparison website that helps you do just that : https://www.monito.com/send-money-to/poland).

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more detailed advice!

    Best regards,


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