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German historical street addresses

A model of the Jewish Ghetto in the Jewish Museum in Frankurt

I came today across an interesting post in one of the newsgroups I am subscribed to (gersig digest from May 08, 2011) regarding street addresses in Germany.
Not all street addresses from the past stayed the same.

I am sure that there are other places in Germany and abroad with about the same issue.

(If you are looking for the online copies of the Berlin addressbooks, here is the link: http://adressbuch.zlb.de.)

Subject: German historical street addresses – FACT FILE
From: Andreas Schwab (andreas.schwab. .mcgill.ca)
Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 09:41:24 -0400
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Many of us wish to visit the places where our ancestors lived and to take photographs of their houses. One has to consider, however, that very often, the street addresses have changed over the years. In Germany and Austria, there are two systems of numbering:
1. The traditional German numbering, also known as horse-shoe numbering, starts at 1 on the right side of the street, with consecutive numbers on one side until the end of the street, continuing on the opposite side of the street in the opposite direction such that the highest number is opposite to the number 1.

2. The European numbering starts with 1 at the left side and continues with odd numbers, and with 2 on the right side, then continuing with even numbers (this is the opposite of the American system where the odd numbers are on the right).

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