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The meaning of the acronym A.A.C.B. in the Belgian immigration files

During my research in the Belgian archives, I came across a few files in which a document had the following acronym “A.A.C.B.”:

Source: Antwerp Immigration File no.175159 (Dorf Wolf - Kapelna Frieda)

I, as curious as I am always, was wondering about the meaning of that acronym.

During genealogy research (and I assume that this is true for each research), each small part, can have a significant meaning with implications for the outcome of research. Therefore I try to understand as much as possible of each small element. Thanks to this approach I do learn quite a lot new things about history, culture, politics, etc.

To get back on topic; I did receive the explanation from the very helpful employees at the Antwerp archives (www.felixarchief.be).
They told me that A.A.C.B. stands for “Ambtelijke Afschrijving College Besluit” which roughly translated into English means cancelling the citizenship by official decision of the authorities and the file was closed for the person in question.

The reason for a A.A.C.B. can be one of the following: