Translation of documents

This page is reserved for the translation of documents collected from archives in any place on the world.
I hope that this will serve the public and assist anyone doing (Jewish family) history research.
May I ask a favour, and that is that any corrections or any comments will be send to me. You can comment on most pages on this website or (if you prefer) send me a private mail.

Click on the links below to get to the (already) translated documents:

  1. Documents in Dutch:
  2. Documents in German:
  3. Documents in Polish:
    1. Electors list for the the Sejm of 16 Nov 1930 (not fully translated yet)
    2. File from Tarnobrzeg Books of Residents
    3. list of married and unmarried Jewish families
    4. registry of engaged to be married Jews from Brozózow

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