Old, Older, Oldest Big,Bigger, Biggest at the Archives

I went recently to the archives from Antwerp where I do collect from time to time files and other information for my family research.

During my research I usually try to understand and focus on several topics which I do come across and about which I do tend to post from time to time some articles on this website.
One of the topics I am currently focussing on, and about which I hope to post in the near future, is the district distribution in the city of Antwerp.

As part of this research I did request to have a look in the file about the reconstruction of the sewers. This interesting file contains a few architectural sketches from 1925 about existing sewers, several outlines of the city, etc.

I expected to receive a file in the size of an A4-sized paper, may be an A3-sized paper. But I was really amazed when I found out about the real size of the paper (no, this is not for a kabouter Plop show):

Me while holding file with inventor no. 534#20 "herbouw der riolen". In the background the chest which was the start of the Antwerp archives (see next picture).

That chest is longer then two meters. The most important documents were kept in that chest. There were nine locks which means that the chest could only be opened with the asistance of nine city officials.The first pieces to be kept in that chest were 2 charters from 1221. 1221 was the year in which Antwerp received city charters from the duke of Brabant

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