Looking for help in translating 2 files from the Statearchive in Rseszow (Archiwum Państwowe w Rzeszowie) (Kalech-Stieber)

I received today via e-mail two files (about Kalech from Brzozów) from the Statearchive in Rseszow (Archiwum PaÅ„stwowe w Rzeszowie).

I am now trying to transcribe/translate the files and to get more details on the sources via the visitors of my website. I started already to transcribe it as far as I could.
If you can assist me transcribing/translating, I would be very happy if you can add your comments below or if you prefer, you may contact me in private via the contact-form.

WyciÄ…g z matryk narzeczonych izraelitów
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Extract from the registry of engaged Jews
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Wykaz ślubnych i nieślubnych rodzin izrael
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List of married and unmarried Jewish families
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