Translation of document from Tarnobrzeg Books of Residents

I received the following document on May 27th, 2011 via e-mail from the state archive in Kielce (Archiwum Państwowe w Kielcach).
The document, as written in the mail from the Kielce statearchive, is:

[…]skan dot. Izaka Kalecha z ksiÄ™gi meldunkowej miasta Tarnobrzega

Meaning the following:

[…]a scan with Izak Kalech as reported in the book of the city of Tarnobrzeg

The scan comes from the following collection (Thanks to Mr. Moshe Steinberg [m.steinberg -at-] for the tip):

Tarnobrzeg PSA Citizen List of delayed Births ,Lwow Wojewodztwa / Rzeszow Province (records in Fond 525 in Kielce Archive Sandomierz Branch)

This is how the contents of the file appear on the website of jri-poland:
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Mr. Witold Wrzosinski (a researcher based in Poland whose website is at He who can be contacted via e-mail: explained me more about this document:
click here to read what Mr. Witold Wrzosinski sent mee»
(Please add your comments below or if you prefer, send me a personal mail via this link):

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Dear Gershon,

this is an entry from “ksiÄ™ga meldunkowa”. It is not a census, it’s a “registration book”. Such books were introduced in various cities and towns in Poland in the second half of the XIXth century. Usually there was one for every street, with all houses and apartments listed along with their inhabitants. The house owners had to write down every birth, marriage or death in the house and the information was regularly collected. These books were official documents, kept by city clerks. They are a great source of information, but not much of them survived.

Best regards
Witold Wrzosinski,
Warsaw, Poland

As my question in which year this file was added to the book:


Such books were often kept for years and updated, but here the document does not seem to contain any updates, so it’s a little different kind of registration book. According to the Polish archives databases, there are four surviving sets of documents from Tarnobrzeg that could fit – a census from 1880 (but it is most probably in Russian, so I would exclude it), a census from 1931/32 (but it’s simply a census, not a “registration book”), a “book of migrations” from 1901-1905 (but it is also most probably in Russian) and finally my type, the “book of the Tarnobrzeg disctrict inhabitants” from 1925. Maybe they have planned to keep it updated and gave up or maybe the idea was different from the beginning – I don’t know. Anyway, all the documents are part of the Fond 525 in Kielce Archive Sandomierz Branch.

Best regards,

and finally regarding the 5th column with ‘Gdzie przynależny’:

No, it means literally “belongs to” and I guess this applies to either the place he was born in Ulucz), which belonged to the larger district of Ustrzyki or maybe he was still registered in the Ustrzyki district office while living in Tarnobrzeg. Also, the year 1925 is just a guess – I would give it 75% of probability.

Best regards,

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