One of the greatest projects for genealogists on the Internet and which are managed by different organizations, are websites with complete digitized books.

One of these projects which can be interesting for Jewish family researchers, is http://hebrewbooks.org.

Their mission as stated on their site:

Hebrewbooks.org was founded in order to preserve old American Hebrew books that are out of print and/or circulation. Many American Rabbis wrote seforim (Hebrew books) in the early part of the 20th century. They have long since passed away and in many instances so has their holy work.
Currently our mission has expanded to include all Torah Seforim ever printed. At Hebrewbooks.org you will be able to view and print the entire Sefer online.
HebrewBooks.org is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our goal is to bring to life the many Seforim that were written and unfortunately forgotten, and to make all Torah Publications free and ubiquitous.

I uploaded here on my website as an example a few selected pages of one of their books which contains interesting information and referrals to other books on my family (Uhri/Kalech).

The book is titled Kol Dodi and was written by the Rabbi of Krzywcza (Poland)(Rabbi Dawid Uhri).
I uploaded pages 1 to 18 (the yellow colored mark is mine):
[gview file=”https://www.gershon-lehrer.be/blog/wp-content/uploads/Kol-Dodi-by-Rabbi-Dabid-Uhri-1935.pdf”]

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