Photos about prewar Jewish Life in Eastern-Europe

I received recently via e-mail a slideshow with amazing photos about pre-war Jewish life in Eastern Europe.

Enjoy it here:
[gview file=”” save=1]I am not sure who created the slideshow, but the properties of the file mention a Landau Mickey and the file was created in 2006. If you believe that this is copyrighted and you are/know the owner, please contact me.

Note (August 31, 2014): I have thankfully been made aware by Mrs. Diane Morton from Australia about the source of the photo’s:

“Image Before My Eyes”
A photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland, 1864-1939
By Lucjan Dobroszycki & Barbara Kirshenblatt – Gimblett
Printed in USA in 1987 Random House
ISBN 0-8052-0634-5
Published in co-operation with YIVO Institute for Jewish Research…
Schocken Books New York.

You can alternatively check the photos when you click on the following picture:

Some other websites with photos:
Museum of Family History
Yad Vashem Photo Archive

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