How to subscribe to the online services of the Antwerp Archives

Please note that I am not affiliated with the Antwerp Archives although I strongly support them. Therefore, don’t contact the archives for any question which relates specifically to my website. Only contact them for matters which are related to them and their services.

For some services on the website of the Antwerp Archives (the “Felix Archief”), you first need to sign up (for free) which can be done online. I suggest that you start working on the website without signing up. On accessing most of the objects, you’ll be required to sign in as a user. If you don’t have yet a login and password, then this is the moment to sign up. You can do this on the logon screen which will be presented to you when you try to access a page which is only accessible to registered users. Click then on the word ‘hier’ in the sentence:

Heeft u nog geen bezoekersnaam of wachtwoord? Klik dan hier

(translation” If you don’t have yet a login and password, click here):

In the next screen you can enter your preferred login and password. Fill it in and  click  on “Verder” (translation: continue):

Then you’ll be asked on the next screen for your personal information. The fields with an asterisk are mandatory and the rest is optional. Fill in the following information:

  • Voornaam (First Name)
  • Naam (Last Name)
  • Straat (Street)
  • Nummer (House number)
  • Bus (Letterbox No.)
  • Postnummer (Postcode)
  • Woonplaats (City)
  • Land (Country)
  • Telefoon (optional) (phone number)
  • e-mail (e-mail)

When you’ll scroll down, you ‘ll see the following sentence next to a checkbox: “Ik wens de digitale nieuwsbrief van het stadsarchief te ontvangen”. Mark this if you want to receive the newsletter (in Dutch):

When you’ll have followed the steps until now, you may find out that some records may still only be viewed by verified users, therefore you may now be able to see the following text on the logon page:

Het stadsarchief heeft uw identiteitsgegevens nog niet kunnen controleren.
Daarom kunnen we u helaas nog geen toegang geven tot ons digitaal depot.
Contacteer ons op of 0(032) 3 338 9411 en wij doen het nodige.


The City Archives could not yet verify your identity.
Therefore we can unfortunately not give access to our repository.
Contact us at or 0 (032) 3 338 9411 and we’ll arrange it.

You can also see a text indicating this when the record you are trying to access is limited to verified users:

Digitaal beschikbaar na verificatie

Translation: Digitally accessible after verification

When you click on the link, you’ll get to the same text as before with the phone number of the archives. So the best thing is to contact the archives and then, after they have granted you full access, you’ll be able to borrow and access the online records like any other regular and registered user can do from a home computer.

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