Israel and the bakery

A Jew walks into the bakery and orders a bagel. The man behind the counter
says: “A bagel? That’s 20 dollars.” “20 dollars?! Are you mad!?” “Well, its
1 dollar for the bagel, and 19 dollars for Israel.” “Fine. Money for Israel?
How can I say no?”

The next day the same guy comes in to the bakery, and orders a challah. The
man behind the counter says: “Challah? That’s 40 dollars.” “Are you
insane?!” “Sir, its 5 dollars for the challah and 35 dollars for Israel.”
The man shrugs his shoulders but he pays the money.*

The third day, he comes in and orders a cheesecake. “Cheesecake? 70
dollars.” “What?! This is absolutely crazy.” “Sir, 10 dollars for the
cheesecake, and 60 dollars for Israel.” At this point he had had enough.
“You are completely mad! This is absolutely absurd and unethical.”

“Sorry sir, I am just following the rules.” “I demand to speak to the owner
of the store!”

So the clerk goes to the door and calls out: “Hey Israel! Someone wants to
talk to you!”
(Source: Kehillat Shomre Hadas Antwerpen – From The Rabbi’s Desk, 5 December 2014)

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