Updated website for Antwerp City Archives (Felixarchief)

The city archives of Antwerp (known as Felixarchief) has updated its website. On their website you can read, among others, the following about the update:

Thanks to the new search function you can find a relevant search result faster and more efficiently. Filters allow you to define a relevant time period or limit a search to a few specific detail entries. […] Thanks to a new algorithm, results are not returned in a randomized order, they appear higher in the result as they become more relevant.

In the search guides you can read briefly how you search in certain popular archive series and you will always find a direct link to the series.
(Source: https://felixarchief.antwerpen.be/nieuwspagina/welkom-nieuwe-site, Retrieved on November 27th, 2018)

Innovation is (always) fun, but it will certainly require some adjustment from the users because the new website is now, compared to the earlier version, completely overhauled.

Visit their website through the following URL: https://felixarchief.antwerpen.be

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